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Y-3 Qasa High

y-3 qasa high
I’ll be the first to admit, for the longest time I couldn’t give two shits about Y-3 sneaker releases. Magically one day, the first images of the Qasa High showed up on the interwebs, and I damn near lost my mind. From that moment my opinion of Y-3 was completely altered for a moment, and I was determine to own a pair. Was it worth the wait? You goddamn right it was.

y-3 qasa high
If you’re an avid fan of tech-ninja styling as I am, these should probably be at the top of your “to cop” list. The entire upper is essentially a neoprene sock liner, with elastic crossing bands to improve the sock-like fit, with leather heel and toe detailing. As you can see, the shoes come with laces, but unless you have narrow feet or skinny ankles, they serve zero purpose outside of being a nice accent.

y-3 qasa high
Lets take a quick second to talk about the sole. I can say it’s actually as comfortable as it looks, but it does have one weird aspect to it. It’s not a solid platform of a sole like it looks. It’s form is more like a doughnut, the edges round and the entire center of the the sole is missed except for a white plastic stability shank with Y-3 labeling cut into it. Like I said, its comfortable, but you sometimes forget the center is missing and step on shit, squarely hitting only the plate.

y-3 qasa hi
Now you’ll hear a lot of people say these are just “Rich Man’s Roshe Runners”, and they would be partially right. At a final taxed/shipped price around 430$, its gonna be hard for me to tell folks to drop the money on them, but its even harder for me to ever tell someone to pick up a pair of Roshes after wearing these. They just make the Roshes look like a bad joke. Interested in a pair, most physical Y-3 stores have them in stock, or head over to the online Y-3 store.

Thank you based Yohji.

y-3 qasa high

y-3 qasa high


BonsaiFor the most part, my living/work spaces have always been a combination of computer parts, sneakers, japanese, magazines and toys. In my current apartment/office its more of the same, but at some point it began to feel way too sterile, so I finally picked up some plant life to add some life. Of all of the stuff i picked up, my pride and joy is my new Juniper Bonsai that I’be named “Mai”.