true to the game

new wheel getting trued at pedal revolution in sf
just to drop some knowledge, truing is a bit of black magic bike mechanics use to ensure your spokes have the proper tension to ensure your wheel is straight, won’t wobble, or fall apart. even if you buy a new set of wheels, unless they where just built before being handed off to you, you should get them checked out. safe to say i’m very happy with my new rear wheel.

the waiting game

bosco rawse von pancake III playing the waiting game
he listens well when he wants something, but i love his little hardheaded ass.


woman playing with bubbles
stop taking life so serious and have a little fun


if he ants to be batman, then so be it
let children image and dream, you never know what it can be the start of.

revision path discussion

So since I’ve mostly dedicated this blog to my photography, I mostly avoid talking about myself. Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Maurice Cherry over at Revision Path as part of HBCU month, and I thought some might find it interesting to hear my thoughts on being an African American designer in the Valley, thoughts on HBCU’s, and general shit about being a well rounded designer. Listen below, check out Revision Path, hit me up and let me know what you think.

ring ring ring

actual working pay phones
Hey how ya doin’
Sorry ya can’t get through
Why don’t you leave your name
And your number
And I’ll get back to you